Which aquarium fish is lucky for home? Top 10 best choices

Tell me why you have an aquarium in your house.

Your answer is simply because it is your hobby, you are happy to see them move, or it helps to decorate your home space.

Do you believe they can bring you luck?

According to oriental culture, aquariums are a feng shui element that can bring a lot of luck and fortune to their owners.

Which aquarium fish is lucky for home? Fish that are said to bring good luck to your home such as Arowana, Goldfish, Blackmoor fish…

Next are my 10 suggestions for ornamental fish that bring good luck to your home.

Arowana Fish

Top 20 Lucky Aquarium Fish For Home: Arowana Fish

Arowana Fish is described in legend as the embodiment of the dragon god. Considered to have a similar shape and swimming posture to the Dragon, it is believed that the Arowana symbolizes luck, prosperity, wealth, and health.

In Asian literature, keeping Arowana in the house will bring peace, prosperity, and good luck in life.

Some characteristics of Arowana can explain its connection with bringing luck and fortune:

They are strong fish, capable of dominating the habitat.

  • Arowana with external appearance, large scales, and large fins. The ancients thought they were like stacked gold coins.
  • Besides, the Arowana fish has long been considered a symbol of good luck. People who own Arowana often have promotions and are favorable in work and life.
  • Compared to other feng shui fish, Arowana is usually ranked on one level.
  • Most aquarists place one Arowana per tank due to their aggressiveness and size.

Some suggestions on feng shui placement for your Arowana aquarium:

  • Southeast direction: Southeast is the area of wealth, placing an Arowana here will attract fortune.
  • North: Good area for career, this is also a good location to place your Arowana tank. Your work will be favorable and developed.
  • East: The area is good for health. Arowana aquarium will bring you good luck in health when placed here.

Koi Fish

Top 20 Lucky Aquarium Fish For Home: Koi Fish

Koi are domesticated carp, native to Japan. In the world of feng shui fish, Koi fish are highly appreciated, second only to Arowana.

They come in a variety of bright colors such as red, yellow, blue, white, and sometimes black.

Koi fish are ornamental fish with long life, meaning longevity, wishing good things for the family.

However, koi fish are also fish that need to be kept in large spaces. Small houses usually do not hold this fish because of the limited area.

The number of koi fish usually kept in the tank is 9 (including 8 light colors and 1 blackfish). The black Koi fish helps to dispel bad luck.

You also have the option of keeping 2 Koi fish in the tank. This helps attract love and loyalty.

Koi fish have a strong vitality and energy, which is shown by their ability to swim against the current.

The feng shui meaning of some common Koi fish colors:

  • Kohaku White and Red Koi: This type of koi has a white body and red spots. It symbolizes success in your career.
  • Kumonryu Black Koi: This type has 2 main variations. One variant has a white body with black spots and the other is full-body black. This Kumonryu Koi symbolizes changes in life.
  • Silver Ogon Koi: these Ogon Koi fish symbolize business success and wealth.
  • Red and White Kuchibeni Koi: This white and red patterned Koi is often referred to as a “Lipstick” fish, as the red color around its mouth makes it look as if it is wearing lipstick. Kuchibeni represents love and lasting relationships.
  • Yamabuki Gold Koi: Yamabuki Koi is yellow, symbolizing wealth and wealth.

Gold Fish

Top 20 Lucky Aquarium Fish For Home: Gold Fish

It is a beautiful ornamental fish, loved by many people.

It can be kept in aquariums, mini tanks, and indoor or outdoor aquariums.

For many people, goldfish are kept not only for viewing but also for bringing good luck. Since ancient times, the goldfish has been a symbol of auspiciousness.

Goldfish are considered fish that brings wealth and wealth to the owner. Goldfish represent abundance, strong rise, and hidden strength from within.

Suggest you some options for the number of goldfish you should keep in the tank:

  • A goldfish in the tank: brings prosperity.
  • 4 goldfish in the tank: bring good luck.
  • 9 goldfish in the tank: bring wealth and prosperity.

Blackmoor Fish

Top 20 Lucky Aquarium Fish For Home: Blackmoor Fish

Is a species of goldfish native to Asian countries. Blackmoor is dominantly dark black, with a well-defined and protruding caudal fin. A special feature is that they have large and bulging eyes to the sides.

Blackmoor Fish have a friendly personality, so they tend to get along with most other types of goldfish.

This fish is considered one of the best feng shui fish to keep in an aquarium. They will eliminate all possible bad influences in your home and create positive energy in your home instead.

The number of blackmoor fish you should keep in your tank for good luck is the same as with goldfish.

Flower Horn Fish

Flower Horn Fish

Flower Horn fish is not a fish of natural origin but man-made. They first appeared in Malaysia around 2000.

In the process of learning about the method of crossbreeding Blood Parrot fish of Taiwan, researchers have produced a fish with a large hump on the head, similar to the image of the fairy in the legend.

From there, the Flower Horn fish was born.

The most prominent feature of the Flower Horn fish is the large upper part on the head and the color is quite colorful. Thanks to that, the image of Flower Horn fish is always associated with good luck, making them more selective.

They are considered to bring a lot of fortune to their owners.

The rarity of Flower Horn fish is assessed based on the size of the hump on their head, the bigger the hump, the rarer it is.

Besides, the Flower Horn fish with bright colors will have a higher value than those with single or light colors and not prominent.

Butterfly Koi

Butterfly Koi

The Butterfly Koi is also one of the fish with intense vitality and excellent ability to swim against the current. It is represented by the will to rise through the legend of the carp turning into a dragon.

Stemming from that legend, many people have chosen to raise Butterfly Koi with the hope that it will give them confidence and motivation so that they can overcome all challenges to succeed.

Yellow is one of the colors associated with luck and fortune is one of the colors that can bring wealth.

Guppy Fish

Guppy Fish

This is a typical fish found around the world because they have the characteristics of easily adapting to water environments and simple food sources.

Guppies have the habit of living in groups. Their natural food source is usually algae, moss, or small organisms.

They have the ability to increase very quickly in number due to their relatively short reproductive cycle.

Many people keep guppies for the purpose of daily relaxation after a tiring working time.

Most people ignore the interesting thing about feng shui of this fish for homeowners.

No one expected that they can bring a lot of luck and fortune to the owner.

Try to choose the number, set the direction of the tank, and the color of the fish that suits you.

Discus fish

Discus fish

A fish from South America, they have a round shape resembling a plate, with small lips and eyes.

This fish has a rather peaceful personality and tends to live in groups. Their body characteristics are smooth and smooth.

During the process of domestication, humans have bred many species of Discus fish. With a wide variety of colors and patterns.

The discus fish is considered a symbol of fortune and luck. Therefore, raising discus fish is favored by many aquarists.

Besides, this discus fish also has great spiritual power and brings peace, fortune, and peace to the family.

Discus is considered one of the difficult fish to keep, so you need to find out carefully about their living conditions before buying.

The number of discus you can keep, with the habit of living in groups, so you can easily choose the right amount. Pay attention to the size of your aquarium.

Blood Parrot Fish

Blood Parrot Fish

This fish native to Taiwan is one of many beautiful ornamental fish that are cared for by many aquarists. According to many studies, this fish is the ancestor of the Flower Horn Fish.

The fish has a round body, a small nose, large round eyes, and a slightly protruding head. Similar to Flower Horn Fish but smaller. The color is yellow as a baby and turns red as he gets older.

Aquarists believe that the red color of Blood Parrot Fish brings good luck to the owner.

Blood Parrot fish farmers believe that fish can mediate murderous intent. They bring good luck and fortune to your family. Bring joy and laughter into your home.

Giant Pink Gourami

Giant Pink Gourami

Fish native to Southeast Asian countries, can reach 70cm at maturity and live up to 20 years.

As its name suggests, people often buy Giant Pink Gourami fish to keep in their homes with the desire to bring good luck to their homes.

The light hip-colored fortune fish is considered a fish that brings luck and money into the house. However, due to its rather large size, it is only suitable for keeping in large and wide aquariums.

Breeding fish for a long time, the fish’s head will float with pearls, which can foreshadow bad luck that may happen to their family by jumping into the water or turning red abnormally.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which feng shui fish is good for home?

Goldfish can be kept at home as feng shui fish because they bring in wealth and good luck. Also, Arowana fish feng shui, Butterfly Koi, and Flower Horn Fish can be your choice.

  • Which feng shui fish brings good luck?

According to feng shui, goldfish help in increasing the good luck of the house because they are the most sacred fishes.

  • Which feng shui fish is good for wealth?

Arowana fish is the most preferred fish when it comes to good wealth. This fish symbolizes wealth, power, health, and happiness.

  • Which feng shui fish is considered the luckiest?

Arowana is considered the most fortunate fish among all Vastu fishes.

  • What is the right placement for a feng shui fish tank?

You can keep a feng shui fish tank in the east or northeast direction

House feng shui tips to avoid bad luck and bad luck

  • Get rid of unnecessary items: Clutter will suck up good energy and cause stagnation, so get rid of the things you don’t use, don’t like, or don’t need.
  • Make your front door welcoming: If your main door is difficult to find or makes people confused as to the entrance, so is the opportunity for you. Make sure your doorbell is working. Clean walkways and steps, place potted plants in front of the door, and make sure doormats are bright and clean.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy: Your kitchen is directly related to your earning ability. Keep the kitchen and refrigerator clean and stocked with the fresh food you’ve just eaten. Also, don’t forget to remove all clutter from the dining table.
  • Create a smart office: Place a large desk overlooking the main door or window. You need a space for people to come in, sit down and talk. Remember that the space in front of you is closely related to the space for opportunity to come to you.


Hopefully, the above 10 types of lucky ornamental fish will be ideal suggestions for you.

Aquariums not only bring beauty to the indoor space but also have a feng shui meaning to help homeowners attract fortunate homes.

Wish you have a satisfactory feng shui aquarium and always bring you the best of luck.

If you have a question you need to be answered, please put it below so I can advise you.

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