How to dechlorinate tap water for fish tank?

When setting up an aquarium, you need to have a very careful plan. To have a healthy aquarium, factors such as temperature, type, number of fish, number of plants are very important. Also, you need to pay attention to the source of water you use for the aquarium. Most people will use tap water for … Read more

Best fish for 5 gallon tank and related problems?

A 5-gallon fish tank will be a perfect addition to your apartment or small house. You should not use an aquarium smaller than 5 gallons. It is very difficult to succeed! Because tanks that are too small will make the environment and water quality quickly become unstable, endangering your fish. So, if you think a … Read more

How to distinguish Arowanas?

Arowana has large scales, flat and long body, a sharp beveled head with a pair of antennae at the tip of the lower jaw that is always pointing forward, which are said to have the function of sensing changes in the water surface. Arowana are primitive freshwater fish and have not evolved much since the … Read more