Best Filters 20 Gallon Aquariums: 2021 Updated

Get straight to the point! What to expect from the best filters 20 Gallon aquariums? In brief, recommended filters should be either hang-on-back (HOB) filters, the internal filters, or the canister filters. They must also be compatible with the capacity, as well as the design, of the tank and also with your room space. Moreover, … Read more

The Common Fish Diseases – Signs And Treatments

As a hobbyist, everyone wants to keep their fish beautiful and healthy. But this is really difficult because there are many sources of pathogens that affect the health of your fish. Common fish diseases can be caused by parasites entering through waterways, food not carefully processed, or due to deficiencies in the care of farmers, … Read more

Factors Need Particular Attention For New Aquatic Players

This article is for beginners, but those who have played it for a long time can apply it to be more successful. Microbiological systems are the root of the entire aquatic system Regarding the microbiological system, most of you already know how important it is to your aquarium. But not everyone is knowledgeable about it. … Read more

Best Biological Filter Media: Your Fish Will Thank You!

Almost all aquarium filters now come with at least three filtrations, including mechanical, chemical, and biological ones. And the last one is exceptionally useful to create a stable and natural environment with beneficial bacteria for your fish. To be more specific, there is a filter media where those bacteria settle on and create colonies. Useful … Read more

Basic Conditions of Aquarium For New Players

Nowadays, as life and work become more and more stressful, the hobby of aquarium fish has become an indispensable spiritual dish for many people. Watching the fish swim and eat every day will make the human soul become more serene. Aquarium hobby has become a special art form but the amount of knowledge and experience … Read more