Basic Conditions of Aquarium For New Players

Nowadays, as life and work become more and more stressful, the hobby of aquarium fish has become an indispensable spiritual dish for many people. Watching the fish swim and eat every day will make the human soul become more serene. Aquarium hobby has become a special art form but the amount of knowledge and experience summarized to raise fish is too large. Therefore, for those who just started playing aquarium fish to have knowledge in choosing the type of fish, choosing the size of the tank, how to raise fish … too complicated.

1. Choose the type of fish:

First, you have to know what fish you will be raising:

Choose by size: large aquarium fish (about the size of your hand or more), small fish (only 1-2 fingers)
Choose by price: Aquarium fishes are very diverse, so their prices are also very diverse. There are only a few dollars, but there are also up to thousands of dollars.
For large fish, because the fish is expensive, there will be a separate certificate and you should refer to the owner of the fish shop, they will give you detailed instructions.
Advice: For beginners, you should start with cheap fish, easy to raise.

2. Aquarium:

– You can choose mini aquariums, aquariums for desks (can hold 2-5 fish, including fish to clean the tank).
– Or you keep in a large tank, have oxygen, fully filter the water (you can raise 10-20 birds).
– You can choose 2 types of tanks: aquariums (in real trees) and tanks using artificial decorations.

3. Country:
– You need to pay attention to the water source.

– In urban areas often use treated water with chlorine, which will cause fish to die. If you use tap water, expose the water to 1-2 days to chlorine, then you can raise fish as usual.
– With some types of fish, you should add 1-2 grams of salt to the water to make the fish stronger.

4. How to feed the fish.
– Do not eat fish so much that makes it bloated.
– Offer dry or natural foods.
– Should only feed 2 days 1 time. If it is dry food, only 3-4 baby seeds / fish should be given.

5. How to change the water.
– With all kinds of large tanks full of accessories, you do not need to change the water due to the filtration system.
– For mini aquariums (desktop), you should change the water every 3-4 days. Depending on the size of the tank.

6. Oxygen extractor.

– For large tanks, oxygen tanks are usually designed to be fixed with the tank, so you only need to care about the quality, if necessary, will require separately with the seller of the aquarium.

– For medium-sized aquariums (0.5-1 m) you can find mini jacuzzi machines.

– For mini aquariums (dimension <30 cm), it is not recommended to use the jacuzzi. With a small environment, the aerator will cause the fish to be disturbed, which may scare the fish out or the dynamic environment causes the fish to die. If you want to use it, it should only use 10-20 minutes/day, should not be continuous.


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