Best Quietest Aquarium Filters to Save Your Sleep at Night

How many times have you woken up in the dead of night because of the grinding sound from the filter?

Such an annoyance! More importantly, your fish might get sick due to that noise. So for all sake, you should go for the best quietest aquarium filters that we introduce you right below. Check now!

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Top 5 Best Quietest Aquarium Filters

Product Images Product Name Editor's Rating Prices
Marina S10 Power Filter 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) See price on Amazon
Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5) See price on Amazon
AquaClear - Fish Tank Filter 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) See price on Amazon
EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) See price on Amazon
MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5) See price on Amazon

Marina S10 Power Filter

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Coming with a slim construction, the Marina S10 Power Filter turns out to be surprisingly effective, while it is still very quiet on runing.

Particularly, the filter is compact but long to well fit even the tight gaps and to hold a reasonable amount of media. You can expect the filters to handle up to five volumes of water per hour.

Even better, you can optimize the flow rate by adjusting the regulator valve on the top of the filter. This will significantly reduce the noise and protect your fish from stress.

We also like that, this quietest aquarium power filter features two high-quality filter media, including the Bio-Carb and the Bio-Clear to stimulate the biological filtration. You can also replace Marina’s media with others.


  • Slim, compact, and inexpensive
  • High-quality biofilter media
  • Adjustable water flow rate
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Quiet operation


  • Not very powerful because of the small size
  • Expensive cartridges

Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter

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We recommend Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter for those having a small space outside the tank. This internal filter saves room and also handy for transportation and easy to install, using the suction cups.

The big plus when it comes to the Aqueon Quietflow is its user-friendliness. With the auto-pimp, the filter will restart and restore itself in case that power goes out or suddenly interrupts.

In terms of filtrations, this Aqueon features three major filtrations, including the mechanical, the biological, and the chemical ones. Hence, you can rest assured about the aquarium water quality. Also, the bio-holster media does not require frequent replacement, while the mechanical and chemical media are easy to change and install.


    • Very affordable
    • Compact designs with different sizes


  • Quiet aquarium filter


  • A reliable 3-stage filtration process


  • 3-gallon filter is too small
  • Not very durable

AquaClear – Fish Tank Filter

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AquaClear Power Filter is among the best quality in the market. It is also the quietest external aquarium filter, for the time being. This is mostly thanks to a variety of flow rates to accommodate almost all popular sizes.

For that reason, you can lower the rate at night to protect the sleep of you and your fish. More excitingly, the slower flow rate does less harm on the motor and lengthens the overall lifespan.

Besides the silent operation, the AquaClear Power Filter is also well-known for its legendary durability. Many consumers have confirmed that they use this filter for years and their fish always live happily.

Moreover, the installation is also less tricky than other HOB aquarium filters thanks to the bottom-up design which is usually found in the canister choice.


  • Energy-saving operation
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Small casing with big volume
  • Various sizes and flow rates


  • Not very compact
  • More expensive than others in the list – though still reasonable

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter

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The EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter is the next quietest fish tank filter pump we want to introduce to you. Even more, it is one of the most used canister filters on the market.

For good reason!

The design is simple, without bells and whistles, which means the ease of installation and maintenance. Nevertheless, all parts are crafted with so high-quality materials that the filter is very solid at a glance and a touch.

Come to think of the capacity, the volume of the filter is 4.8 liters and the output of the pump is 620 liters per hour – quite powerful. Meanwhile, power consumption is as low as 15W.


  • Simple, but very durable, parts
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Quiet and power-effective operation


  • No media trays
  • Expensive replacement

MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

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Compared to aquarium filters at its pricing category, the MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel is a good deal for the high-quality construction and quiet operation.

First off, the filter works well with the lightly-stocked tanks of 50 and 70 gallons. With this capacity, the MarineLand can process the water 7 times per hour.

Secondly, the hang-on-back construction makes it easy to install the filter with clips. All you need are 5 or 6 inches of clearance behind the tank to fit the filter on.

Another plus is the filtration. There are 3 major filtrations to keep the tank always clean and healthy. The bio-wheel is extremely effective. In addition, you can replace the cartridges with ease. The drawback is you can hardly tell when to replace except for the fact that the media is noticeably dirty.


  • Durable and compact parts
  • A good and quiet processing power
  • Effortless installation
  • The reliable 3-stage filtration process


  • Frequently-cleaning required
  • A dull design

Types of Aquarium Filters

Not all fish tank filters are the same. They vary by the working flows, the designs, the materials, and so on. However, we can mostly divide aquarium filters into two categories, as follows:

  • Internal power filters: This type of filter is common for small tanks. In which, a water pump is sitting on a small canister with a small sponge to trap debris and break down waste.
  • External power filters: This conventional filter is crafted with a sealed canister, an outlet pipe, and another inlet pipe. Thus, the whole construction is quite bulky but powerful.

Must-know Aquarium Filter Buying Factors

The filtration process

The best quietest aquarium filter, in particular, and the tank filter – in general, should feature at least three filtrations to ensure a healthy water environment.

  • Mechanical filters: They are the very first filters found in most tanks to sort out solids, small particles, and dust. Thus, mechanical filters prevent build-up and relieve the work of other filters significantly.
  • Chemical filters: As the name suggests, chemical filters come with media that are effective to filter out the harmful chemicals to maintain the water quality. Two common chemical filtration processes are ozone oxidation and protein foam skimming.
  • Biological filters: These parts help increase the natural bio-load in the tank by facilitating the colonization of bacteria, which are beneficial during the nitrogen cycle.


The water-flow rate

The water flow rate, which indicates the gallons of water passing through per hour, usually goes hand in hand with the efficiency of the filter.

The higher the rate is, the faster the filter can purify your tank. However, it also means the more powerful and noisier motors.

Thus, if you look for the quietest aquarium filter system, consider this factor.

Do you need such a high water flow rate? Or, how to reduce the noise?

The size and construction

Plus, take the dimension and the type of aquatic filters into account.

For example, you prefer the quietest internal aquarium filter, make sure it is compact enough to not take up more room in the tank, while it is still capable of filtering and ease of installation/setting up.

Warranty and brands

Obviously, you do not have to spend all of your pockets for an aquarium filter. Yet, you should not also pay too cheap.

Better safe than sorry, go for branded choices because they often adopt the newest technology to enhance the overall lifespan and reduce any annoyance like a rattling sound.

Moreover, they come with a reliable warranty.

FAQs about The Best Quietest Aquarium Filters

#1. Why is my aquarium so noisy?

It is a common mistake that the noise mostly comes from the filter. Yet, you go online and search for the best quietest aquarium filters.

Nonetheless, there are various noise sources to check:

  • The possibly damaged parts of the aquarium filters
  • Out-of-order installation
  • Too much dirt inside the tank
  • The sound of the aquarium lights
  • Items sucked in the pump
  • Over-work motor
  • Lack of water to filter
  • Etc.

To figure out the noise, you should turn off all other noise sources – even the lights of the aquarium, and listen closely.

#2. How to make the aquarium filters quieter?

Lucky you that you can find the source of noise, then you can fix it right away. In case, you are not sure about it, we recommend:

  • Cleaning up the filter
  • Reduce the water flow rate
  • Checking the intake nozzle and the pump
  • Lubricate the impeller with vaseline or silicone oil
  • Disassemble the filter and re-install all parts
  • Or, buy a new quiet aquarium filter

#3. What type of filters is the quietest?

Generally, there are two types of filters which are the internal and the external ones – as we mentioned earlier. However, based on the technologies implemented, you can divide aquarium filters into sponge filters, hang-on-the-back (HOB) filters, canister filters, and internal filters.

In which, the canister is the quietest one, for good reason:

  • The cartridge is operated outside the tank. Thus, it less affects the water flow
  • Water flows back to the tank via a tube, meaning there is less splashing sound
  • Some canister models even come with a sound-dampening technology

Last Verdict

We have already provided you with must-know information when it comes to choosing the best quietest aquarium filters. We hope you can make a wise choice now.

Besides the filters, you need to clean the filters and check all parts frequently to fix the noise source timely, if there is any.



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