Factors Need Particular Attention For New Aquatic Players

This article is for beginners, but those who have played it for a long time can apply it to be more successful.

Microbiological systems are the root of the entire aquatic system

Regarding the microbiological system, most of you already know how important it is to your aquarium. But not everyone is knowledgeable about it.

I would like to say more about microbiology as follows:

– Whether your lake is stable, healthy plants, healthy shrimp or not is determined by the microbiological system.

– Another extremely important part is the microflora in the substrate. If this microbiota gradually becomes anaerobic, loses its porosity and is not well-ventilated, even if your tank has many other factors such as flow, nutrition, Co2, etc., the plants will still become weaker, And the only way is to rebuild the tank. Experience for you is that when setting up a new tank, you should pay special attention to the issue of open space and microflora. Should spread a white lava lining at the bottom to ensure long-term background quality.

– As long as the microflora is problematic, the water in the tank will be affected, all nutrition and all other factors will be negatively affected immediately. Plants and animals will be affected directly, if weak trees, algae outbreaks, if shrimp and sick shrimp die, the water will continue to be affected …

– Microbiological live mainly on substrates, many times more than suspended in water. The substrate here is the substrate, gravel, stone, filter material … So you should set the tank a little thick base, filter material to ensure enough room for microbiological.

– When you start to set up the tank, if you can put in an old filter cotton filter from the filter system of another tank, the microflora will start up very quickly. (old tank water or ceramic filter, matrix … does not have much effect in this case).

– Microbiology when first set up tank is essential, there are many types of microorganisms in the market, but the type that is most appreciated is the type of concentrated stem cells in the form of prenatal (in the form of water). These microorganisms can release fish immediately after filling, typically API Quick start or Tetra Safe. However, any type of microorganism when it is added to the tank also has a high mortality rate, which is why after setting the tank, it is necessary to add microorganisms daily for 1 to 2 weeks, and when changing water, it must be replenished. This helps to increase the chances of survival of any microorganisms that enter the tank. You can find the Best Biological Filter Media here.

– For microorganisms, oxygen and their food are the most important. Microbiological feed is not lacking in aquatic environments, but O2 is of little concern. You must ensure the abundance of O2 in the water by circulating oxygen, or running scum filter, moving the surface layer … Do not allow the surface layer to be scum, too static, O2 will not dissolve into the water in time and completely. the system will immediately lose balance.

Light is the root of most problems that arise

– Light is essential for the development of aquatic systems. But not as much as possible. For example, with a 1m2 50cm 50 cm tank use only 3 extremely weak jebo T8 bulbs (theoretically lack of light), but the trees are extremely beautiful. Even if there is a 3-month tank without care, the plants grow all over the water, but absolutely do not have to wipe the glass because it is very clean, without any damage even after 3 months without changing the water. What is the reason? You probably already deduced it yourself, the tank I just mentioned for 3 months does not change that water without moss that glass surface size is 1m6 60 60, and only 4 t8 Jebo bulbs.

– With the development of technology, t5 and now LED is good for plant growth has become very popular, and it is accompanied by moss, fallen leaves …

– Most of the light energy that players provide into the tank is through lights, if this energy is excess, the system will be out of balance and moss will appear to absorb that excess energy. If you provide just the right amount of light for your aquarium, the balance will be very long, the shrimps and plants will be healthy, and you will not have to spend as much effort (such as a 1m6 tank). I just mentioned above). I have experimented with many tanks, whenever I felt weak, I pulled the lamp up a bit higher and observed the following week. To a certain height, trees will be very beautiful stretch and moss almost never appear. In many cases, you can also use this method: if you see the tree rotting, curved edges, deciduous, just reduce the light, the tree will respond positively, you can try to see if it works.

Keep the lamp 40cm high above the water
The plants react very well

– The problem is choosing the right amount of lights for each type of lake, this is the job waiting for you to experience and draw your own experience. But one thing is immutable: the more lights the lake uses, the higher the difficulty and the easier it is to lose balance.

Small details are easily overlooked but have a great impact on the success or failure of an aquarium

In addition to the microbiology and lighting that I just mentioned above, new players should keep the following in mind:

– There are times when I turn on the chiller for 3 tanks, and of course I don’t use a water cooling fan. In 2 of the 3 tanks, the plants grow very well, but the shrimp tend to prefer to bite the water surface, especially after each water change. In the other 1 tank, the fish are very strong but the tree seems to lack Co2, the leaves grow smaller until I have to increase Co2 for this 3rd tank to be okay. And the other two tanks, just increase little Co2 is fish immediately. So what is the problem? When I looked closely, I realized that the 2 tanks had fish that were easy to absorb Co2, the OUT tube of my filter was slightly lower, and the water surface was very static, the third tank was the higher tube near the water. Later I liquidated all the chillers, turning on the cold room for the entire tank. Everything was fine until the electricity price increased, I had to turn off the air conditioner and set the fan for each tank, and that was enough for every problem. The stronger the fan pool, the weaker the tree. So what can you deduce and learn from? Not really because of the temperature, but the stillness / motion of the water surface can greatly affect the system. The more powerful a fan, or the outflow, the more dynamic the water surface is, the more abundant O2 but CO2 is lost very quickly, these tanks need more CO2. Any tank with still water, so adjusting Co2 moderately is enough, but it does not suffocate the fish. This is something new players need to keep in mind to be more successful.

Use a fan to make moderate dynamic water surface

– How to turn on the lights also need to note: when you first set up the tank, you try to turn on the lights that are closest to the most natural, or turn on the hours that your tank plants have gotten used to from the old tank. After 1 period of healthy plants, you should gradually adjust according to the daily activities of yourself.


So I have shared with you some things to keep in mind when you start playing aquariums.

If you still fail or are not satisfied with the current results, continue to passion and 1 day you will succeed.

If you have any difficulties, you can contact me, I will accompany and answer to help you in my understanding

I wish you success with this elegant passion and hobby.































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