How To Clean Canister Filter – Restore Your Filter To The Original

Filters are indispensable to ensure your tank is always clean. On the market today, there are many filters, but the canister Filter is the most favored option of hobbyists. However, after a period of use, the filter becomes ineffective, and that’s when you need to wash them. But do you know how to do it correctly?

This article includes detailed steps on how to clean Canister Filter. Continue reading to get the answer. 

What Is A Canister Filter?

The canister filter is an enclosed filter that is used to clean the water from the aquariums. They are often installed in large containers that are heavily stocked. This type of filter is flexible; a canister filter is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.

The cleaning process when water is first pumped into the filter through a tube. It then passes through several filters before being pumped back into the aquarium. After going through the filter for impurities, dirt will be removed from the filter, and clean water will be pumped back into the tank.

Because the dirty substance will stay in the filter, so it needs to be clean after a certain time to keep the efficiency. This period will determine the quality of a filter. The longer the time is, the better filters are. A premium filter only requires you to clean it after every 3 to 4 months.

How Often Should You Clean Your Filter?

How to clean hose/pipe of external canister filter?

The mission of the canister filter is to clean the water. However, you don’t need to clean it weakly as you change the water. The cleaning intensity will vary depending on every type of filter. A good filter should be cleaned at least every three months. But it is for the full cleaning; you should take care of the media in your filter more often.

In general, there are two factors affecting the cleaning intensity:

First is the number of fishes in your aquarium. It is evident that the more stocked your aquarium is, the more waste it produces. And of course, you should clean the canister filter more frequently to keep its efficiency.

The second factor is the quality of the media you use for your filter. Nowadays, the fine white filter media is popular, and we also recommend this type of media because it only requires changing once a week.

Combine the two, and you’ll know how often you should clean your filter. For example, if you use the aforementioned white media and your aquarium is lightly stocked, you only should clean the filter every two weeks.

Detailed Steps On How To Clean Canister Filter

Now, you have already known how frequently your filter should be cleaned. We come to the main part of this article, “how to clean a canister filter?”

There are many types of canister brands. However, they use the same principle, so the cleaning of them is quite similar. Here are they:

In the first step, you will disassemble the filter from the aquarium. In this step, you should ensure that all connections are closed so the water will not split to your floor and create a mess.

Now, move the filter to the bathroom or anywhere else that you can do the cleaning because the water will go out when you open the connections.

After the dirty water stops leaking out, now your mission is to try to open the filter. There will be screws that need to be opened. Your mission is to find it and handle the screws. The opening is different depending on each filter. If you don’t know how to open your filter, you can read the manual instruction or search on the internet. 

Now, open the lid carefully. You should try to open as gently as you can because the media can fly outside, that will make your cleaning very tiring. Then take the media baskets out of the canister. Remember to remove the whole baskets.

There will be some baskets stacked up. The baskets are connected by rods. Therefore, you should handle the rods to separate the media baskets first.

Next, wash the empty canister with clean water ( you can also use water from the aquarium). You should try to remove any gravel that sticks inside the filter. 

We come to the baskets. Put the dirty baskets into a bathtub that is filled up with water ( we recommend you use the aquarium water for this step). Then, clean the baskets and the foams one by one until you no longer see dark spots and stains left. 

After the cleaning, place the foam into the filter as before. Then, continue to install the filters to the canister.

Close the lid and add the screws, and you get the canister filter as the original. Don’t forget to fill it with the aquarium water. Note that some machines do not require this step.

Install the filter into the aquarium. You should see some bubbles exiting at the outlet of the pipe. Wait until you don’t see them anymore, and you can turn the machine on.

In the final step, you should test the water from the outlet of the filter to make sure everything is fine. 

Now your cleaning is done!

In A Nutshell

This is the end of the article on” How To Clean Canister Filter”. Cleaning a filter is not too complicated as it seems to be. Spend some time reading, and you can do it perfectly. 

We hope that you are satisfied with the above information. If you know something new about the cleaning process, please drop a comment to share with us.

Thank you for your time!

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